Pittsburgh metal processing company says it is suing a steel mill that uses cladding from the U.S. government

A Pittsburgh metal-processing company is suing the Pittsburgh Steel Works after it says the company used cladding produced by a U.C. Berkeley company that is owned by a foreign government.

The suit, filed Monday in U.D.C., says the steel mill’s cladding is an unsafe form of cladding that was used in the production of aluminum composite materials, such as steel pipe and sheet metal, and that it’s an act of “disparagement, interference and/or conspiracy.”

Steel mill spokesman Jeff Smith said the company will defend itself in court.

The lawsuit was filed Monday by the American Iron and Steel Institute and the American Lung Association.

The two groups say the steel company’s use of aluminum cladding in its facilities creates significant environmental and health hazards, including increased risk of lung cancer and respiratory diseases.