Metallurgical process heats up the metal, creating new, high-tech metals

The Pittsburgh Metal Processing Center (PMP) is a $250 million facility with a full-time workforce of around 2,000, and its work is largely done at the same facility as the city’s manufacturing operations.

PMP’s metal processing equipment includes heat-sinks, automated presses, and vacuum cleaners, but in this new video by the Pittsburgh Times, they’re shown melting and milling a new type of metal known as “metal foil” to produce a new class of metals.

The process is called “thermal” metal processing.

Piles of foil have been used in metal production for centuries, but a recent discovery has shown that this new process can be used to produce high-quality aluminum and stainless steel at temperatures of just 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that PMP is working on another process that uses a process called “tandem thermal processing,” where the metal being processed is cooled to temperatures that are “around 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.”

PMP says its new process produces “metal alloy material with high strength, durability, and high rigidity.”

It’s not clear exactly how these new metals will perform at the manufacturing levels that they’ll likely be used in, but the Times points out that the metal will be manufactured using “high-temperature and high-volume processes.”

Piles of metal foil are produced by using vacuum cleaners and air-cooled air-process machines to process the metal.

(Video: Pittsburgh Times)”We know that there are high-end metal products that are very robust,” said PMP co-owner Kevin Henneman.

“We have great knowledge about these materials.

We are going to use the high-temperatures that we’ve had with metal foil, the high volumes that we have, and the quality that we’re going to achieve.”PMP is a Pittsburgh-based metal processing facility that processes the raw materials and metals used in the steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel industries.

According to the Times, the metal processing center is the only one in the country that uses both a vacuum-cleaner and aircooled vacuum process.

In the video, Hennman said that this process “is so efficient that it makes a difference” when it comes to the quality of metal used in products.

The new process is the first in a series of high-performance metal fabrication processes that Pmp is working with.

The company says its process is “not a one-trick pony,” and that it is “all about producing quality products, while maintaining our environment.”