The biggest metal producers in Ireland, by region

5 January 2018 14:22:15 The largest producers of steel, aluminium, copper, lead, lead and tin in the country are all in the north of Ireland.

Source: Enrico Fermi/PA Wire 6 January 2018 05:00:00 The Republic of Ireland’s largest metal producer is in the south.

Source the Irish Times 7 January 2018 18:20:00 It is the second biggest in the world after China.

Source Enricos Fermio/PA WIRE 8 January 2018 20:45:00 In the first five months of 2018, the Irish metal sector exported a record €17.2bn.

That is equivalent to about 6 per cent of the nation’s GDP, with the export sector contributing a quarter of Ireland´s manufacturing.

Source enrico fermi / mario borrello