Which are the most dangerous robots?

Metal processing is a hot topic right now.

According to a recent report by the National Automated Source of Information Association, there were over 12 million robots out there on the market in 2016, making up 20 percent of all robots.

So which robots are the best for your needs?

Here are the top 10 dangerous robots on the marketplace today.


Robocar 2.

HackingBot 3.

SivaBot 4.

HAT 4.

RoboBlade 5.

Gremio 6.

Zebra 7.

RobotAmp 8.

RoboRobot 9.

Credybot 10.

Aventador 12.

Robo-Axe The report indicates that only about 5 percent of robot owners use the robots for everyday tasks.

But there are a lot of robots out on the streets that could use some serious upgrades, and these robots are all among the top-rated.