Which companies are responsible for pollution in New York?

The first major U.S. city to report its pollution levels to the Environmental Protection Agency is also the only one where the EPA is still investigating a major pollution scandal.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene announced on Tuesday that it had filed an investigation into three major coal ash pits in the boroughs Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

The city is the first major American city to have announced a comprehensive cleanup plan, which is being overseen by the New York Attorney General’s office.

The EPA announced earlier this month that it was looking into a number of coal ash problems in the city, including two major ash pits near Times Square, a coal ash landfill in Harlem and a coal-fired power plant near Westchester County.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has also launched a criminal investigation.

The agency’s coal ash cleanup plan calls for the immediate and temporary shutdown of six coal ash ponds and one coal ash facility that are located on the Upper East Side and in Manhattan.

New York has already shut down two other coal ash plants, the one near Manhattan’s Times Square and the one at the Bronx landfill.

A major cleanup effort was underway in February, but it is still ongoing, and the EPA has been unable to determine exactly how much of the pollution is coming from those plants.