How Danco’s metal processing processes metal can cause cancer

Danco has filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly manufacturing unsafe metal processing equipment, which may have caused the deaths of two people and left others suffering.

The suit, filed Tuesday in New York federal court, accuses the company of violating the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Administration Act by manufacturing metal processing machines that use chemicals in violation of a federal safety standard.

Danco says it’s working with federal authorities to find out who is responsible.

The lawsuit was filed Monday.

Dancomas metal processing plant in Virginia has been at the center of a heated national debate over the use of industrial chemicals, including chemicals found in a toxic waste incinerator at a plant in Tennessee.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has launched a public health investigation into the plant, which was cited in a February 2016 report for having one of the highest rates of cancer among plants in the country.