The world’s most expensive metal is coming to the UK: metal coating process

Metal coating is the process by which metal is melted and coated with a layer of metal.

The metal is then deposited on top of the melted metal.

Heraeus, the company behind the metal coating, uses the process to produce high-quality metal ingots that can be used in firearms.

The company, which recently announced a £400 million funding round, says it has been able to improve on the production process by creating new products with higher-grade components.

Heracles metals can be found in the metals, coatings and packaging sectors in the UK.

The process has been used for years in the aerospace, aerospace and defence industries.

Hermes is not the only company in the world to offer metal coating to the military.

In 2017, China-based Diasat Technology Co Ltd and other companies were awarded the first patent for metal coating in the United States.