Why the metal fabrication industry is booming

Blackening metal fabrication processes are taking over the metal manufacturing industry in America.

According to a new report from the American Metal Finishing Institute, the industry is poised to overtake the metal printing industry in the U.S. in 2018.

The report, which is based on 2016 data, projects the number of metal printing jobs in the United States will rise by more than 6 percent to almost 30,000.

That’s a significant increase over the previous projections by the metal fining industry’s trade group.

“In 2017, we were forecasting that there were 2.8 million metal printing job openings,” said Dan DeBruyn, the president of the American metal finishing institute, in an interview with Vice News.

“By 2018, we’re predicting that there will be 4.2 million.”

DeBucys report also notes that metal fabrication jobs in 2018 are projected to increase from about 13,000 to nearly 20,000, as the industry continues to grow and diversify.

“We expect the industry to grow at an annual rate of 4 percent,” DeBuhn said.

“The industry is growing rapidly in both raw and finished metal, and it’s a good place to start if you want to create the highest quality products.”

The industry is also expected to continue to grow in the next several years.

Metal fabrication is expected to account for about 30 percent of the U,S.

gross domestic product in 2020, and more than a quarter of the overall jobs created in the country in 2020.

The industry has also been gaining ground in other areas of the manufacturing sector, such as plastics, textiles, and industrial metals.

While there’s no data available on the size of the metal production industry in each state, the metal industry has been growing in the past few years.

The U.P.S., the country’s manufacturing sector by total manufacturing output, is expected increase by 7.3 percent to 1.3 trillion metric tons in 2020 and to 1 trillion metric pounds in 2021.

The metal manufacturing sector is projected to add more than 9 percent of total U.A.E. GDP in 2021, and to add a further 1.4 percent in 2022.

The data also show that the metals industry’s share of the economy in 2024 is expected have jumped to 20.4 percentage points, from just 9.6 percentage points in 2021 and 10.6 percent in 2020.* This story was originally published by The Associated Press.

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